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Belgian Liquorice with Ginger | Gluten Free


These gluten free pieces of Belgian Liquorice with Ginger are soft, chewy and a favourite sweet with adults and children alike! Perfect to warm you up on a cold day, or blast away a nasty sniffle – these little drops are perfect for waking you up! Perfect for clearing a cough or a cold with a delicious twist.

Ingredients: Liquorice&Ginger,thickner,natural arabic gum,sugar,corn syrup,black,natural liquorice,brown cough drops,natural & artificial flavours colours,gelling agent,edible gelatin mints,natural mint flavour,patent blue gums,acid gums,edible,citric,tartric acid,yellow azorubine purple brown B/B 01/01/19&blue,caramel,carbo medicinalls veg,glazing agent,steam official parrafin


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