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Belgian Liquorice with Aniseed | Gluten Free


When people think of Belgian confectionary, they tend to think of chocolate but Belgian liquorice is an exquisite choice for those who prefer the sharper tastes in life. These gluten free Belgian liquorice with aniseed drops sure pack a punch and these traditional sweets will certainly blow the cobwebs away!

Ingredients: Liquorice&Aniseed,thickener,natural arabic gum,sugar,corn syrup,black,natural liquorice,brown cough drops,natural & artificial flavours colours,gelling agent,edible gelatin mints,natural mint flavour,patent blue gums,acid gums,edible,citric,tartric acid,yellow azorubine purple brown B/B 01/01/19&blue,caramel,carbo medicinalls veg,glazing agent,steam official parrafin


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