Our Philosophy
We all have our favourite sweets, some of us have more than one

We all have our favourite sweets, some of us have more than one.

At HENLEYS we have created the ultimate sweet experience just for you. Not only have we filled our shops to the brim with all of your favourite sweets but we have created a Haven where people of every age and generation can come and experience something really special.

Whether you want to quickly pop in for your weekly treat, spoil a special loved one or even a delicious gift, we have what you need in abundance.

If you are of a certain age you will remember your trip to the Sweet Shop as not only a special occasion but something you looked forward to with immense excitement. It was an age where the Shopkeeper knew your name, knew your Mum & Dad or even your Granny. He would even send his regards because back then that's just what you did.

Well you can experience that same feeling again when you step into one of our Stores. The memories will come flooding back and you will enjoy recapturing all of the wonderful tastes, evoking smells and just as importantly that wonderful art of fabulous Customer Service we all use to take for granted.

One of the main features in our Shops that will literally jump out and grab you, is our magnificently impressive "Jar Wall", we like to call it our "Library". Here you will find hundreds of varieties of Sweets that you can buy loose, we will pour and you will tell us how much you want. From 10g to a quarter, from 2 ounces to half a pound, you the Customer will decide. It gets better, before you've made any decision on your purchase, our wonderful Staff will insist you try your product first. It will not matter if you buy one product or twenty. You have the option to try them first. We believe at Henleys that you would never dream of purchasing a pair of shoes before slipping them on first, so what's the difference?

So if you like the odd treat, if you fancy popping into a Store that will evoke wonderful memories and you're in the mood to be made a real fuss of, then please, visit a Henleys Store and experience for yourself what everyone else is talking about.