Fill and Brand your own Jar 3 KG
Fill and Brand your own Jar 3 KG

Product Details

  • This is fantastic.

    You get a massive 2.5 Kg Jar of our Finest Henleys Sweets of your choice.  Fill it to the brim!

    You can add a special message to a loved one, or simply mark it with your name to mark your property!

  • Ingredients & Nutritional Information

    Ingriedients are dependent on what you add to the Jar!

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Fill and Brand your own Jar 3 KG: £59.99

Please Tell Us:

To fill your jar, start typing the names of the sweets you want, and then choose them from the list.  Also tell us the message you want on the jar too.

Please choose a maximum of four types of sweet.

We will do our best to give you an equal amount of each, but we cannot promise it will be an exact split!

If you are going to buy more than one jar, please type all the sweets that you would like and we will spread them between the jars.

Please Tell us what message you want on the front of the Jar too!

How many would you like?